Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[SEOUL JUNE 2013] I met 15&'s Baek Yerin!

On the night before Khun's birthday, all the Hottest in the world (exaggeration) gathered in front of JYPE Center. I brought along a box of gifts from Malaysian Hottest for MYHottest2PM's A Box Of Love project for Khunnieya.

We arrived at around 7pm, it was cold (for me lol). So we sat at the side of the world's most famous Dunkin Donuts outlet. We sat facing GS25 convenience store (that's opposite of JYPE). There were like...around 80-100 girls gathered around the are, but it was still very early though.

So anyways...while hanging around, we saw this boy whose mommy dressed him as little Khunnie! So cuuute! Tesh saw the mother and the baby walked towards JYPE so she just said "oooh Khun babyyyy!"
We took pics with him and the mommy he was like so cute when we teased him he went :D :D :D

The street was full with people and vehicles passing by so I really didn't bother looking around. Minutes later came Corry from out of nowhere and told us "Yerin just passed by in front of you guys!!" I was like, "no wayyy I didn't see!" and we were like, 'arguing' like that for 15 seconds and finally she said "look!!! that's her!!" and the Yerin was, walking with her manager to Olive Young (the personal care store) right down the street and there were 5 guys following her, just like in one of those TV commercials where the girl is so pretty every guy follows her around! Exactly just like that!

All the guys were literally surrounding her and opened the door for her being nice and all that. So while she was in the store, we waited outside - me, Tesh, Kak Leha and Corry. After a while she came out and I greeted her "Hi Baek Yerin, we're your fans, I'm from Malaysia!" and I shook her hand. She was like, smiling all the way, then Corry passed her a cute Indonesian Batik fan. Kak Leha and Corry managed to get Yerin to autograph on their smartphones. We basically had Yerin to ourselves at that moment lol cos no one else bothered to come close!

While she was at it, I asked "Do you think it's possible for me to take pictures?" (of course I knew I couldn't but I just wanted to know what she would say).

And she said "Sorry~" while smiling at me. So I went like "It's okay it's okay!" :D :D

After she autographed on Corry's phone, she got back to me "I really want to...but I can't" *wide smileeee* and ofc I was like "It's really okay I understand!^^"

Then we all said our last words. I told her I really love her voice and we all went like "Yerin ah, hwaiting!!" and we waved goodbye~~

She was so sweet! She's really pretty, around my height, really skinny legs and always smiling!

**Btw, yeah the whole of the conversations above were in English cos if you didn't know, Baek Yerin speaks fluent English with no trace of Korean accent :D

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