Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[SEOUL JUNE 2013] I met 15&'s Baek Yerin!

On the night before Khun's birthday, all the Hottest in the world (exaggeration) gathered in front of JYPE Center. I brought along a box of gifts from Malaysian Hottest for MYHottest2PM's A Box Of Love project for Khunnieya.

We arrived at around 7pm, it was cold (for me lol). So we sat at the side of the world's most famous Dunkin Donuts outlet. We sat facing GS25 convenience store (that's opposite of JYPE). There were like...around 80-100 girls gathered around the are, but it was still very early though.

So anyways...while hanging around, we saw this boy whose mommy dressed him as little Khunnie! So cuuute! Tesh saw the mother and the baby walked towards JYPE so she just said "oooh Khun babyyyy!"
We took pics with him and the mommy he was like so cute when we teased him he went :D :D :D

The street was full with people and vehicles passing by so I really didn't bother looking around. Minutes later came Corry from out of nowhere and told us "Yerin just passed by in front of you guys!!" I was like, "no wayyy I didn't see!" and we were like, 'arguing' like that for 15 seconds and finally she said "look!!! that's her!!" and the Yerin was, walking with her manager to Olive Young (the personal care store) right down the street and there were 5 guys following her, just like in one of those TV commercials where the girl is so pretty every guy follows her around! Exactly just like that!

All the guys were literally surrounding her and opened the door for her being nice and all that. So while she was in the store, we waited outside - me, Tesh, Kak Leha and Corry. After a while she came out and I greeted her "Hi Baek Yerin, we're your fans, I'm from Malaysia!" and I shook her hand. She was like, smiling all the way, then Corry passed her a cute Indonesian Batik fan. Kak Leha and Corry managed to get Yerin to autograph on their smartphones. We basically had Yerin to ourselves at that moment lol cos no one else bothered to come close!

While she was at it, I asked "Do you think it's possible for me to take pictures?" (of course I knew I couldn't but I just wanted to know what she would say).

And she said "Sorry~" while smiling at me. So I went like "It's okay it's okay!" :D :D

After she autographed on Corry's phone, she got back to me "I really want to...but I can't" *wide smileeee* and ofc I was like "It's really okay I understand!^^"

Then we all said our last words. I told her I really love her voice and we all went like "Yerin ah, hwaiting!!" and we waved goodbye~~

She was so sweet! She's really pretty, around my height, really skinny legs and always smiling!

**Btw, yeah the whole of the conversations above were in English cos if you didn't know, Baek Yerin speaks fluent English with no trace of Korean accent :D

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

[FLY TO SEOUL : NOV 2011] *whispers* J-Y-P

This is probably the most precious photo of myself that i own T_T

Like, finally...I reached this very building. We walked very very very far to reach this point and after 1 hour of walking, 4 times of asking for directions, two very very very sore feet, and in damn cold weather, FINALLY WE REACHED JYPE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER!

Too bad when I reached there I couldn't move much because my feet were hurting like hell.This is the only time that I stood on my feet, in the whole entire time that I was there. We just sat at Dunkin' Donuts, I just stared at the building in awe.....~ sobs. Finally.

Next time I shall take a taxi. 

Yes I'll be there again!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

[FLY TO SEOUL : NOV 2011] Have You Seen My Friend?

The 2nd time we went to Myeongdong, Timbd went to purchase a pair of Look Optical glasses. It was raining heavily and we took a break at Krispy Kreme donut shop. Me, Wawa and Mai were too lazy to move so we asked Timbd to go alone.

And so she went, while the 3 of us had our coffee and donuts and just sitting there taking pics and tried to connect to the shop's wifi.

After half an hour, the rain stopped. Timbd had yet to return and Mai suggested we go to Look Optical and meet her there. I didn't want to, because we told her that we'd wait.

Okay, but we left Krispy Kreme anyway...and headed to Look Optical to meet Timbd......except that she wasn't there! I made 2 rounds exploring Look Optical on both floors and she really wasn't there. Huff huff...panic attack. So we went back to Krispy Kreme and still she didn't appear. I sent her a text but God knows whether it reached her or not. So 3 of us stood in front of Krispy Kreme not knowing whether to wait or look for Timbd. Hurm..

We went back to Look Optical again since Timbd didn't appear. She really wasn't there even after the 2nd time we went. I wondered if her glasses were ready or not.

Then I saw one Look Optical staff and asked him "Have you seen my friend?".
His reaction was like, "............."

I didn't think he understood English!

I told Wawa the guy couldn't understand what I said. Wawa told me "ask him....my Chingu..Chingu". Then I was like...oh yeah why didn't I think of that!  [note: chingu = friend]

I went back and asked him "Chae chingu bwassseoyo?" ----> this should translate as "Have you seen my friend?" but I don't know if it's gramatically correct or not LOL.
His reply was like, "No I didn't~"
And I was like '....<_<....I thought you didn't understand what I said~'

I went back to Wawa and the next thing I knew, Timbd appeared out of nowhere.

She went and buy herself a bag. LOL.

Travel story. Keukeu.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

[FLY TO SEOUL : NOV 2011] Lunch At Coex Mall

Coex Mall being one of the places I wanted to visit because Taecyeon tweets about it all the time, as if it's his favourite place to hangout.

After we visited JYPE, we took a cab and made our way to Coex Mall by lunch time. After exploring a little bit, we chose this small eatery because it had English writings on the menu.

I ordered Cheese Ramyeon and because I was really hungry, I also ordered tuna kimbap. All four of us ordered our own dish and Timah also added a plate of kimbap. According to the menu, she precise;y ordered cheese kimbap. We were being really careful with the ingredients and told the ahjumma, "No meat, no chicken" (of course we said this in Korean so that she could understand us clearly). Suddenly we became avid vegetarians! LOL

Our dished came not long after we ordered and Timah brought out her Korean Phrases Book for Travel, where we flipped on the pages to see if there were any useful phrases.

I swear I had the best cheese ramyeon  and tuna kimbap ever! They were like, really really delicious! Good job ahjumma!

If anyone wants to go to this place, I highly recommend it! If my memory doesn't fail me, the restaurant is situated at the ground floor, with other Korean restaurants in the same floor. Restaurants with English on the menu is quite rare, so I guess you'll easily find this? Hehe~

Top: Cheese ramyeon
Bottom: Tuna & cheese kimbap!

*Actually there's a funny incident happening at this particular time but I'm not gonna share, for the sake of people whose minds are so closed they won't even get the humor. Keukeu!!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

[FLY TO SEOUL: NOV2011] The day Maisarah Forgot Her Jacket

Short entry, this one.
One morning, we were going off for another day of adventure. The temperature dropped a lot that morning.
I was wearing 3 layers of clothes. But it was still cold. We were already reaching Exit 9 of Hongdae Station to take the subway. Then Mai said she couldn't endure the freezing weather, she said she should've brought her jacket. I was suddenly so mad, mainly because my feet were hurting so bad. She looked like she would suffer if she didn't get that jacket. 
I dragged her and returned back to the guesthouse, with my sulky face lol. And the best thing happened, we couldn't get in because I punched the passcode wrongly. Sobs. At that time I was so sure I got the right passcode but the door just won't open. Sad sad T_T
So we continued walking to the subway station starting our journey around Seoul.
Sorry Mai~ but thank God we went to many indoor places that day so it wasn't so cold T_T

[FLY TO SEOUL: NOV2011] Namdaemun Nomu Choaaaaa~~

Title translation: Namdaemun is really gooood!

The first time I went to Seoul, I didn't reach Namdaemun. This time, althought it wasn't on the itinerary, we managed to get ourselves shopping in Namdaemun. Isn't it the best shopping spot ever! I liked Namdaemun better than Dongdaemun, cos I think it has more free-market feel compared to Dongdaemun, which is more fashion-oriented. 

We got there around 2-3pm, it was really cold that day, around 2-3'Celcius. The best thing about this place was that it has everything in one place. from souvenir to jewelleries to kitchen items. Suitable for the whole family to find anything that they might be interested in.

Wawa and the other girls were splurging on brooches for their moms and girlfriends. I bought a silver bangle for my mom and fedora for my dad. Surprisingly the fedora/hat salesman could speak a little bit of Bahasa. I was bargaining like crazy cos he wanted to sell the fedora at 20,000won. I was like, "lima belas ribu!" and he went "dua puluh!" (20,000won) and I bargained again and again until he agreed to sell at "enam belas ribu" (16,000won) ~ kekeke....Terima kasih! <3

Maisarah bought belt for her dad, and it was funny cos the ahjumma couldn't speak English at all and Maisarah went on speaking Malay! LOOOOLLL it was hillarious! The ahjumma was like "igeon bla bla bla~ igeoneun...blablabla" *while showing the belts and comparing for Mai to make her choice* Then Maisarah went like "oklah nak yang nilah ahjumma~". The best thing was, they understood each other! LMAO Maisarah is really the best! kekeke



We left Namdaemun around 4.30pm, it was getting darker as there were many hawkers setting up their stalls, mainly street food stalls.

[FLY TO SEOUL: NOV2011] Noraebang...Wild Bunny Style!!!!

Honestly I had not the slightest idea that our guesthouse was located just a 5-minutes walk away from Luxury Noraebang. Before we flew to Seoul, Tonbd included Luxury Noraebang in the shared itinerary, but in my mind I was like, maybe all noraebangs in Hongdae are luxurious so I was just agreeing somehow.

Anyway, that night we just walked into the middle of hectic Hongdae nightlife and Luxury Noraebang was just there, standing so beautifully and glorious. We could see the 'aspiring singers' singing their hearts out even from the street as the building's main windows are made of clear glass without any tint! It's so fun to see people enjoying themselves like that!

As soon as I saw the building I totally remembered that 2PM went to this place on the first episode of Wild Bunny! I was like....fsdbfskldgjkldf!!! I've always dreamed of coming here!! Kekeke...this is the clip of them going to this place just in case anyone wonders:

The noraebang totally lives up to its name as I could feel the lavishness of the place as soon as I stepped in. The indoor is so nicely decorated that I was feeling so rich for having the opportunity to be in this building! LOL!

Anyways, we proceeded the counter and Tonbd requested for 2PM-bbang (2PM room). We took off our shoes (and the staff kept it inside the shelf) and the staff later brought us to the room. We spoke English the whole time it was awkward, the staff even tried to ask if we could understand hangul, (of course we did but we dunno how to answer, so we just kept quite lol). I totally could recognise the place from the staircase up to the room that we requested for. The room's called Noblesse (idek what it means~ lol) 

We stayed for 3 hours, sang all the Korean songs that we could sing especially those new songs that are not available in karaoke centres in Malaysia! Being hangul-literate, Tonbd, Timb and me conquered the mics and sadly T____T Wawa and Mai fell asleep because they couldn't sing Korean songs. I'm so sorryyyyy~~~ you guys were probably bored and wanted to kill us, me especially because I sang a lot of songs sobss.

The sound system is so superb, even my lousy voice sounded good! *bricked* but we were a bit khunfused with the remote, it was like, as big as a large calculator and there were so many buttons we were punching on all the buttons just to see what would happen. lmao! The room was super huge I literally rolled on the floor around the room!

Of course I had to visit the toilet of such a luxurious place right? The hwajangshil was at the ground floor, so posh and lavish...segan nak kencing kekeke~

I don't remember the exact rate of the room for 2 hours. If not mistaken, we split the bill among 5 of us and I paid 13,000won for my share. LOL. Unforgettable. Ever. The best karaoke experience in my whole entire life! *exagerrates*

Peace! [pic credit: Wawa]